Change Facebook Password When You Forget it 2023

Will you ever need to change your Facebook password because you forgot it? but how?. Today, in this article, through this blog, we will talk about a completely new and easy way to change your Facebook password when you forget it.

While the number of users of the Facebook platform, which was developed by Meta, is increasing daily, there are some obstacles for a certain group of people. Maybe if you want to switch your phone to a new one, do you remember your Facebook password?

The most important steps to change the Facebook password

First, we will explain to you how to change your Facebook password step by step. While we put pictures with explanation to illustrate the steps necessary to carry out the task with ease.

Facebook Password

1. Find a service to buy a virtual number to add to your Facebook account.

First, let’s get to know virtual number services, why, and how they work?

A- What are the virtual number services and how do we buy a number from them?

Virtual phone number selling services are paid services that provide virtual numbers to be activated on social networking sites and other platforms.

Some people will need virtual numbers to activate them on communication platforms because they may not be available in their country, then they will resort to buying these numbers. There are many sites that provide numbers for many services, so how can we do that?

B- The services that provide virtual numbers are:

There are many services that we cannot collect in this article. The services of selling virtual numbers (virtual numbers) are completely safe services. So be confident when using the numbers, but avoid the notorious and cheap services.

2. Add the number to your Facebook account and confirm it.

Log in to your Facebook account, then go to the account settings, as shown in the image below.

Account Settings

Enter the account contact information, to continue adding the number to the account.

Personal Details

Log in to add a new contact.

Add New Contact

Add the phone number and receive the code to confirm the addition.

Add a Mobile Number

Good, now that we have completed the first steps, then we will log into the account from your new device, then choose the forgot password. You will be directed to send a text message to the number you added. Then you will receive the code, then you will be able to add a new password to Facebook.

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