Your Step-By-Step Guide To Creating a WebSite

Creating a website has become a fundamental tool for various business owners to establish their presence in the digital world. Regardless of whether you are a project manager, entrepreneur, freelancer, or even work in a specialized field such as engineering or translation, obtaining a professional website reflects your personal achievements or showcases your business services and products. This will shorten your path to achieving marketing goals and increasing your sales.

The importance of creating a website

The digital space includes more than 1.7 billion. Currently, there are half a million new websites launched every day, indicating a trend among the majority of digital users to create their own personal or business websites. The main benefit of creating a commercial website is:

  • Simplifying your online search for you, which leads to…
  • Accurately targeting your intended audience and reaching a larger sector of potential customers results in increased sales.
  • Credibility and the ability for customers to communicate with your brand and easily learn about it instills trust and enhances their desire to become returning customers. Potential into customers actual customers. .
  • To present a professional appearance to your target audience, which helps create a positive initial impression in favor of your brand.
  • The possibility of making extra profit by creating a blog for your business.

There are various specialties that require their owners to create a website, including:

1. Entrepreneurs and business owners

If you are an entrepreneur or have an innovative idea to solve a problem, one of the likely steps to start making profits and reaching your target audience is to create a professional website for your project. There are various business models for websites, including… Stores that offer tangible products such as clothing, electronics, medicines, furniture, and more, as well as stores that offer digital products such as software, games, e-books, and courses.

Companies that offer services are considered businesses that can also be transferred to the digital world in order to expand their customer base. Examples of these include real estate companies, marketing firms, programming organizations, content writing, and search engine optimization companies. Small and medium-sized commercial projects such as restaurants, sports facilities, medical centers, and others have seen better results after creating a website that showcases what they offer to the public.

Creating a website in this case has the advantage of expanding the scope of business beyond a geographic location and designing a site that can tell the brand story and provide information on communication and location details. This would benefit the business in many ways, including achieving a professional appearance and reaching a larger customer base.

2. Freelancers and job holders

Increases the chance of success of your business. Professional designs and a pleasant user experience can make it easier for gamers to connect with you and increase loyalty for your products and services. Nowadays, the website is the primary destination for business and it is important to invest in it and work on it permanently to be successful. Outperform your competitors, higher salaries, and opportunities to connect with more clients are great value to your business. No matter what your industry or career path is, these add-ons will be useful to you. Website Design A professional individual can bring more professionalism to your work and put you in the forefront.

You can display your skills professionally on your website, by adding a summary about yourself and a profile of your self-employment accounts on the site to increase your employment opportunities. And employers, this will give them an opportunity to evaluate your skills and hire you if suitable opportunities are available. Creating a website It gives you a professional appearance, especially when attending new job interviews or going to work. Submit a resume to large companies. In this case, website design is an important factor in your selection, particularly when you add your notable achievements in previous work, your skills, qualifications, and the courses you have taken.

3. Content creators

Any idea can be transformed into a digital model in the form of a website. Some of these ideas might include creating a blog to write opinions or publish news, sharing personal experiences such as travel, cooking, shopping, or any other skill or hobby that can be mastered and passed on to others.

In the past, we used to rely on television broadcasts and newly published magazines and books to access their content. However, with the advancement of technological tools, this has changed. To build websites of their own making and start filling pages with relevant content quickly, it is now easy to create a professional website in just a few days. YouTube channels and various ads. If the right marketing and advertising strategies are employed, the website can become an important source of income. To achieve great social fame and build millions of fans, a website can do just that and more! The power of owning a website lies in the complete control over the content and its publishing methods, as well as the ability to design attractive and successful websites that can be monetized through various programs and ads. With the right marketing and advertising strategies employed, a website can become a significant source of income. Affiliate marketing, paid links and ads.

website creating bootstrap strategy

Marketing objectives vary Creating a website for any business activity requires following a consistent strategy for obtaining the best results during the implementation phase. Although there are different types of businesses, there are key steps that must be followed before starting the website creation process. The strategy involves the following steps:

1. Define the idea

The strong idea is the first foundation from which any profitable action springs. Do you want a starting point? Begin by looking for problems and thinking of possible solutions, provided they are realistic and have the potential to make an impact in the market.

  •  Choose the domain

There are main areas that your website may fall within, including e-commerce stores, blogs, service providers, distance learning sites, community sites, and discussion forums. Therefore, it is important to identify the area and specialization of your site before beginning to create your own website.

  •  Select category

Each domain contains a large number of subsections related to it. Suppose you decide to work in the field of medicine, you will find many specialties related to it such as surgery, psychiatry, internal diseases, and so on. Create an online store Define your website niche, whether your topics are related to fashion, technology, games, or otherwise, and you will need to search for the appropriate services and small projects to meet the needs of users in your niche. Knowing this process and how to apply it will help make your site more interesting and successful. Identifying a profitable niche for your website. .

  •  Define the competitive advantage

This feature, the competitors’ advantages and weaknesses must be studied, as well as the features that customers need and are not met by competitors. The advantage must be sustainable and achievable in the long term. When a feature is identified, it must be well presented to customers and marketed well. Competitive Advantage By searching for similar websites, identifying existing vulnerabilities, and discovering creative ways to resolve them, you can then apply these solutions to your own website.

2. Set a specific goal

The best approach to determine the goal of creating a website is to follow a certain method. SMART Goals The acronym SMART stands for five words that your goal should achieve as follows:

  •  (Specific) 

Determine one of the direct goals of creating a website, such as increasing the percentage of customers by 20% or increasing the percentage of profits by 30%. These goals can be relied upon as a motive for improving the site and achieving the required results. Conversion rate Marketing, conversion rate is calculated when a company successfully converts visitors to its website into customers who buy its products or use its services. Conversion rate is an important factor for evaluating the efficiency of marketing strategies and attracting appropriate visitors to the site. Thus, it is clear that increasing the conversion rate can lead to increased revenue and improve the profitability of the company. As a measure of performance in marketing, the conversion rate is calculated when a company successfully converts their website visitors into customers who purchase their products or services. The conversion rate is an important factor in evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies and attracting suitable visitors to the website. Therefore, increasing the conversion rate can lead to increased revenues and improved profitability for the company. Websites The results of the visits showed that it is preferable to rely on percentage ratios instead of absolute numbers when determining the target in order to facilitate calculations.

  •  قابل للقياس (Measurable) 

The ability to measure means establishing clear standards to track results and determine whether the goal has been achieved or not. The tracking standards for website results are represented by tools such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics In order to track the visits and conversion rate, tools such as can be relied upon.CRM customer relationship management system in Arabic language. Get more customized analytics about your customers.

  •  Realizable (Attainable) 

Aimlessly pursuing high or low results becomes meaningless! Instead, set a goal that aligns with your current situation, is realistic, and can be achieved by predicting the new methods used to improve your work and the expected results, then apply them to your current situation to determine the expected final result of your work.

  •  connected to your business (Relevant) 

The objective must be appropriate for your business requirements. For example, the intended outcome of creating a website is to increase the number of visits that ultimately lead to potential clients and higher sales rates. This ensures that the objective is suited to your business needs.

  •  timed (Timely) 

Let’s assume that you have set a goal to reach 20% more potential customers. What is the estimated time to achieve this step? Define a clear time frame that gives you a vision of the starting and ending points, and it must be realistic and based on a comprehensive perspective.

3. Study the market

Do not jump into creating a website without studying your future steps and the surrounding market. Study the market well and look for its gaps, study your main competitors, and track their strengths and weaknesses. Observe the designs of other websites that may be similar to your idea and way of working, and gather ideas about the best website design that suits you and the colors that express your brand identity. This step will benefit you later. At least, you will be able to know the features of your competitors and try to outperform them by adding different features to your website.

4. Set a budget and schedule

Creating websites can vary in cost depending on the desired features, the method of creation, and the necessary design. Additionally, the cost can be affected by the size and complexity of the website changes made during the execution, as well as the site’s ongoing maintenance. Developing a personal website or a small blog may differ greatly from larger, more complex websites.

From the start, establish a budget that is appropriate for the project in order to be able to hire the best programmers. It is important to proactively set a timeline before commencing in creating the website. Ensure that it is realistic and achievable, and keep in mind that the more tasks and modifications there are, the longer it will take to execute the website.

How to create a professional website

Creating a fully-functional website requires a number of precise steps that demand professional implementation, in order to ensure a trouble-free launch of the site and avoid future complications while conducting business. If you’re busy with your business and looking for quick results, you can delegate the task of building your website to one of the professional programmers provided. FiveSats is the largest Arabic marketplace for buying and selling micro-services.

If you want to embark on the experience of creating a commercial website yourself, the following paragraphs will assist you in building an integrated web site step by step, starting from the software you will need to launching your website to the public.

Steps to create a website

To create a website from scratch by yourself, follow the following steps:

Step One: Buy the software essentials

Creating a website requires obtaining basic software that may come at a monthly or yearly cost.

1. Domain

Domain Name, which is a key text tag used to direct browsers to the physical address of the site. The term domain refers to the website address that is entered in the top search bar of search engines. It acts like a business card for a website, making it easy to remember for users. Website addresses are actually made up of IP addresses and protocols, and when a new domain is purchased, the IP address of the website is linked to the purchased domain name using what is called a Domain Name. It’s a text key used to direct browsers to the actual website address. DNS In short, Domain Name Servers (DNS) create the connection between IPs and domains.

For example, the domain name for the website Khamsat is, which is divided into two parts: the main name (Khamsat) and the extension (com.). It is worth noting that extensions vary in popularity and price, with extensions such as com and net being the most popular and widely used for websites. There are also extensions specifically for institutions, such as org and co, or for countries, such as eg for Egypt and sa for Saudi Arabia.

When selecting a domain name, it is preferable to have the easiest name that represents the website. It is advisable to steer clear of obscure extensions even if they are cheaper. There are websites that offer domain acquisition services, such as: Google Domains  و  Godaddy  و  Hostinger Before you begin, it is important to pay attention to learn some tricks and tips that will benefit you when making a purchase.

2. Host

It is natural for a website to contain information such as written content, images, videos, products and more. The task of a server or hosting service is to store this information and make it available to users when searching and browsing the website. Hosting can be compared to a computer that operates constantly for this purpose. Most domain companies offer hosting services.

  • Shared hosting

This is the least expensive hosting option, where your website shares space and resources with other sites, which can cause technical issues due to increased traffic. Therefore, this plan is best suited for personal websites and small blogs, and not recommended for e-commerce stores or business and service websites.

  •  VPS

VPS), where you can allocate part of the server for your site and manage it easily, and divide it as you like among other sites added to the server using (VPS) technology. SSH There are many other software options available, but it is the most suitable choice for early stage commercial websites.

  • VDS

The Virtual Dedicated Server hosting provides a dedicated full server that is utilized when websites start to receive millions of monthly visits. This means that it is the optimal future plan for your business. The cost for this hosting can reach up to $100 per month or more.

  • Cloud Hosting

Many technology giants offer cloud services that are known for their efficiency and speed. For instance, Amazon provides a service called AWS )، and Google that provide services ( Google Cloud ) and ( Google Domains ) Ali Baba, the Chinese giant, has decided to enter the competition with a new service. ( Alibaba Cloud ). Cloud services offer the advantage of accounting for the amount of hosting resources consumed.

What are the criteria for purchasing hosting?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing suitable hosting that will help you create a professional website that serves your business. These factors include:

  •  Number of sites 

Each hosting package has a specific number of websites that can be created on it. Small plans may include only one website, while larger ones can exceed 100 websites.

  • storage space

Storage spaces are categorized into two types: regular storage and Solid State Drive (SSD) storage which offers faster data transfer speeds. The choice between the two depends on the type of functions provided by the website. If the majority of the functions occur within the system, it is preferred to acquire an SSD storage to ensure efficiency.

  • RAM

As the capacity of random access memory to store repetitive tasks increases, the speed and ability of the service to recall them later also increases.

  • Processor speed

The speed of site functions depends on the processing speed, particularly if there are internal applications.

  • Bandwidth

When a visitor loads the pages of a website or downloads the site’s information and media onto their device, this is referred to as bandwidth, which depends on the speed of the connection between the server and the visitor’s network. Some hosting plans provide a specific amount of bandwidth monthly, while advanced plans offer unlimited bandwidth.

  • number of visits

Hosting is able to handle a certain number of visits depending on its capabilities, and is directly related to bandwidth. Small plans may not be able to handle more than 30,000 visits per month. This means an increased likelihood of server issues occurring if thousands of visits flow into the site in the future, which would result in higher costs. When creating a website with a paid marketing strategy, it is advisable to purchase advanced plans such as those used for business websites and online stores.

You can obtain free hosting as part of a hosting plan from a domain purchasing website, such as Hostinger. Click on “Select Hosting Plan,” or search for the same option on similar websites, as most of them offer similar offers.

Choose the appropriate plan for you and select the number of months to purchase it for. Hosting websites offer greater discounts with increased duration of the plan. Once done, click on “Check Out Now” to complete the purchasing process and proceed to your account.

3. Certificate (SSL)

SSL Certificate SSL is the most popular and updated website security protocol. It is often offered through web hosting plans that hosting companies provide for free for a year when a new website is created. SSL ensures the security of communications and information across the website. Installing an SSL certificate Activating a website with the HTTPS protocol is one of the factors that can influence the browsing and purchasing choices of many clients, particularly for online stores and money exchange websites such as banks, insurance companies, and e-wallets.

4. Professional mail

Professional mail services are usually offered as a free add-on for the first year of hosting when creating a website for your business. These services allow you to create custom email addresses with your domain name. For example, if your domain is (, your professional email address could be formatted as ([email protected]) with the option to change the word (info) to any other professional address, such as (Sales) for the sales team, (Support) for technical support, or (Contact) for general inquiries.

The advantage of having a custom domain email gives you greater competitive edge when creating a new website. It is also considered a distinctive addition to the team as it provides professional communication for organizing work between them and clients, for the marketing team, public relations, and technical support.

5. Other extras

Accurate analyzes of site visitors, you should search for additional services provided by some companies specialized in this field. If you want other benefits such as boosting your website’s appearance on search engines or conducting accurate analytics of website visitors, you need to search for additional services offered by some specialized companies in this field. You can find all the above and more as options for purchasing hosting plans with additional costs, whether it’s for the website itself or even customer service priority. These options can be obtained at any time in the future, even after purchasing the basic hosting plan.

The second step is to construct and enhance the website.

After preparing the previous steps, the biggest task is to build the website by following one of the following three methods:

First: developing the website from scratch

ي From scratch, one can either become a professional web developer to take on that task or hire an entire team, as the task requires experience in utilizing certain skills. The method is varied and its advantage is that it gives you complete control over the location in detail, but it takes a lot of time and is divided into:

1. Develop the general perception of the site

Every website has a general concept of what the homepage, pages, and functions it includes will look like. For example, an online store has fundamental pages such as products and shopping carts, and focuses on providing payment and protection functions, and other tools to persuade customers, while blogs focus on the structure of presenting news and posts that include the latest news and topics that are most read, and organizing the website’s sections to make it easier to navigate. Personal websites focus on showcasing work, skills, and qualifications.

2. Website design

The creation of a website undergoes two stages of design, the first one being… User interface design The service is for modifying images or creating new designs through the available software tools. You will need to determine your requirements and determine the budget available to hire the designer that best suits you. Design Services On Khamsat, you can find professional website design services that can help improve the user experience of your website. The next stage involves the web developer who writes the necessary codes to transform images and designs into a real website interface using languages such as HTML and CSS.

3. Website functionality programming

The website interface cannot work on its own, as making it interactive requires creating a background interface to execute tasks, which falls under what is called back-end processes. Briefly, if we compare front-end processes specialized in designing websites with the structure of a car’s outer body, then the functions of the back-end become the internal engine and control panel. Remember that the best programmer is the one who writes the most accurate and efficient codes, as well as determines the best programming languages suitable for your website’s functions.

Uploading files and a database to the hosting platform.

Once the programming tasks for both the Front End and Back End are completed, the programmer transfers the website files and its database to the hosting platform using its own control panel. This is usually the case. During this stage, the website is tested to ensure that its functions are effective and there are no programming errors. It takes a few days to complete the task of building a website from scratch, after which it moves on to the task of operation and monitoring.

The role of the programmer does not end in this stage, as the task of developing the website in terms of design and programming continues as long as the website exists online. This is done to solve potential future problems, periodically secure the website from hacking, and develop it in order to enhance competition and meet market requirements.

Secondly, creating a website using WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) With its current hold on more than 40% of all websites on the internet, it is now among the strongest options for easily creating and managing a web page. Take a look at the steps. Creating a WordPress site In detail, the process starts with purchasing a domain, followed by reserving hosting, installing WordPress, and finally managing tasks on the dashboard. Use this opportunity to benefit from it.

Thirdly, creating a website using pre-made tools.

Learn programming, and if you are a beginner in this field, you can resort to these sites that give you your educational needs, such as:  SquareSpace or Webflow or Weebly Despite the ease of these tools and their ability to quickly create websites, they provide less control over website creation and are more expensive in the long run. This means that they are not preferred for businesses that aim for significant future expansions.

Third Step: Launching the website

After completing the steps to create a professional website, the final step is to launch it to the public by adding content and media, while ensuring its full performance by testing every small detail. Start by manually testing your website, opening all pages, and monitoring their loading speed. Then, you can use helpful tools to test the website’s performance, such as:

  • PageSpeed Insights  : Google provides a free tool that helps you test the performance of your website on both computers and mobile devices, and offers feedback and suggestions to improve its speed and overall performance.
  • Uptrends  : This tool helps you identify the reasons that may be causing your website to slow down, by conducting a comprehensive performance analysis of the site. What’s even more important is that it helps you ensure the ease of user experience and the safety of the operations performed through your website, such as subscriptions, login credentials, adding items to the cart, payment processes, site searches, and so on.

How to market your website

The next step, after completing the creation of a professional website, is to ensure the integrity of all functions, and to test the strength of the site’s performance and the richness of its content, after which it is possible to proceed with the next steps. E-marketing Utilize various marketing channels to ensure that your website content reaches the intended audience and achieves the goals you established when creating your website. Benefit from the following tips in promoting your website:

  •  Search Engine Optimization

Make your site search engine friendly through SEO To improve your website’s ranking and ensure it appears at the top of search engine results, giving you priority in front of a larger number of potential customers, you can hire a SEO expert to optimize your website for search engines.

  • Marketing on social media platforms.

Enhance the presence of your company’s logo among the target consumers. Social media marketing.To attract visitors to your website and promote your products or services.

  •  Content marketing

Use content marketing to increase loyalty and make the content compatible with the taste of the target audience. You should pay attention to the quality of the content and write in an interesting and simple manner that motivates the reader to continue reading the articles. You can also use social media to attract more visitors and interact with the content of your site. To attract visitors to your website and build trust with your target audience by increasing loyalty and making the content appealing to their tastes, you should focus on the quality of the content and write in an engaging and simple style that encourages readers to continue reading articles. You can also use social media to attract more visitors and encourage them to interact with your website. Provide quality content Build customer loyalty to your brand and gain a competitive advantage by connecting to customer requirements and interests and addressing their needs. For example, you can… Create a blog or create a podcast on areas relevant to your business.

  •  Search engine marketing

Paid advertising, like search engine ads, are utilized to create advertisings that showcase your website’s products or services campaigns to the interested audience immediately on the search engine page when searching with relevant keywords related to your business activity.

In conclusion, it has become evident that creating a professional e-commerce website is crucial in establishing your digital presence and increasing competitiveness. We have provided a comprehensive guide that assists you in designing and building a successful website from scratch, and your success now depends on your ability to implement the steps we mentioned, to provide the best experience for your customers, as well as the necessity of tracking marketing results for your website to evaluate performance and continuously improve it.

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