Snapchat Ad Design: Your Guide to Launching a Distinguished Ad Campaign

The design of Snapchat ads has become a key factor in the success of the marketing campaigns launched by brands on this popular application. If you seek to make the most of the power of this social network and achieve your advertising goals. you must create distinctive and attractive ads appropriate to the nature of Snapchat users, but how do you do it yourself?

What is meant by the design of snapchat ads?

Snapchat Ad Design is the creative process of creating interesting, interactive and brand-aligned ads on the app. It goes through several stages; It begins with good planning and preparation of visual elements such as: photos, videos, graphics, and other media that enhance interaction, followed by the design stage itself, which includes arranging, organizing, and producing the visuals professionally.

The importance of designing Snapchat ads

The increasing popularity of the Snapchat platform has led to its growing importance in e-marketing for brands, as it is one of the most used social networks in the world. The importance of designing Snapchat ads for your brand is due to the following:

1. Influence your audience visually

Designing Snapchat ads visually enhances the impact on your audience, as visual elements in marketing advertising play a major role in urging users to purchase or take a specific action, such as: visiting the website, or subscribing to the mailing list; Which reflects positively on your brand.

2. Increase engagement with your brand

It is not possible to launch promotional campaigns on Snapchat without designing ads first, as this helps you achieve your marketing goals effectively; These include arousing the interest of potential customers, capturing their attention, and connecting with a younger age group with unique demographics and interests. Hence, you ensure that your brand is highly engaged with a unique audience that is hard to find on other social platforms.

3. Show the human side of your brand

You can design Snapchat ads to show the human side of your brand; This contributes to gaining the trust of current and potential customers, especially since the Snapchat app is less formal and more fun and fun compared to other social networks. When you design ads that highlight the emotional aspects of your company, you will enhance customer loyalty to your product and keep them for as long as possible.

4. Display content in a different style

Maybe you have a Facebook page, shop or blog promoting your products. Of course, these are effective methods of e-marketing, but why not think outside the box and create a business account on Snapchat to display your content in a distinctive way. For example, the application allows the design of ads that contain visual effects, filters, graphics, music, and other media that make the content distinct from competitors.

How to advertise on snapchat

Snapchat e-marketing calls for converting a personal account into a Snapchat Business account. To be able to launch, manage and target ad campaigns to custom audiences, based on their interests, behaviors, demographics, etc. So, how do you make your account a business to advertise on Snapchat?

After logging in, go to your account settings, then choose the ad management platform, to convert you to Snapchat for Business, and then click on Create Ad.

To set up your ad management platform, you need to add your business name, your company email, and your name, then click next.
Next, select your geographical location, the currency used, and your phone number, then press Next.

It is best to add an appropriate and expressive image of your business, reflecting your brand and visual identity on Snapchat, then select the name of your public profile for your brand. And after you’ve done that, you’ll have a business account with this powerful app.

Advertising steps on snapchat

Once you create your Snapchat Business account, you will be able to launch an advertising campaign on Snapchat, but you must develop a solid and effective plan to achieve your marketing goals, then follow these steps:

First step: choose your goal

It is not possible to launch an advertising campaign without specifying the goal that you seek to achieve in order to obtain fruitful results for your business. It should be a SMART goal, i.e. clear, specific, relevant, applicable, measurable, and time-bound. Fortunately, Snapchat offers a variety of goals that you can choose from to suit your marketing strategy.

Once you create a new promotional campaign, a window will appear in front of you to choose your advertising objective; It could be increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, getting more installs of a particular app, boosting engagement with your audience, getting higher video views, or gaining new customers with in-app or store conversions. Catalog sales.

The second step: naming the campaign and activating it

In this step, you should write an appropriate name for the campaign, which is short, understandable, and appropriate to the ad objective, and then set the ad to the active state to run automatically. There is no objection to conducting a pre-test of the design or other variables; If you want, this option gives you the opportunity to see which ad works best for your brand.

Step Three: Set a budget and schedule

Setting a budget is one of the basic steps to launching any advertising campaign on Snapchat. By setting a daily spending cap, you will not spend more than the specified amount per day. As for the campaign spending limit, it means the total cost that you are willing to spend throughout the advertising period. And don’t forget to set ad launch and pause times.

Step 4: Choose where the ad will appear

You have two options, either to automatically position the ad so that it appears in all sections of the application, or to choose specific placements as you wish, as you may prefer it to appear among friends’ stories, publisher and creator stories, within content or among public snaps from the community. You can include or exclude certain categories, to build a more targeted and accurate audience.

Step Five: Determine the target audience

Snapchat Ads Manager allows customers to be targeted based on their geography and demographics, such as age, gender, and language.

If you want a more personalized and specific audience, you can target pre-defined audiences based on their interests and behaviors, as well as create audiences from your CRM lists, who interacted with your profile and past ads, mobile app and website events, or similar audience customization characteristics of your existing customers.

You can target the audience based on the operating systems they’re using, such as Apple iOS, Android, or both. And according to the model of the device used, the type of connection and the service provider.

Step Six: Choose the appropriate bid

Snapchat Ad Manager management provides three bidding strategies, namely:

  • Automatic bidding: Follow this strategy if you’re not sure how much you’re advertising and want to know the exact amount for each Snapchat action.
  • Target cost: This option allows you to keep your average cost per action, possibly less than the amount you specify, with maximum effort.
  • Maximum bid: Here you tell the platform the maximum cost you want for each action, and it requires you to indicate the value of the bid.

Step 7: Design a Snapchat ad

This step requires selecting the type of ad, whether it is just a single image or video, a story ad, or a collection. Next, type in a name for the design, then add a brand name if desired. Next, craft a catchy, expressive, and concise 34-character title. There is no objection to activating the shareability option, so that followers can publish the advertisement on their personal accounts.

Now you are ready to design your first ad, all you have to do is add the best media and shots suitable for the ad, taking into account the selection of visual elements of high quality, appropriate to the product and consistent with your visual identity, and adhering to the recommended dimensions, such as using the H.264 format for videos. So, you must know the requirements for advertising via Snapchat.

Snapchat ad sizes

Snapchat ads require specific sizes to be more effective in communicating the marketing message. If you’re using full-screen short video ads, or your content contains animation, the resolution should be 1080 x 1920 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio, and choose a suitable video playback format such as MP4 or MOV.

Also, Snapchat Sponsored geofilters that enhance interaction with your brand, have a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, and in JPG or PNG format, so that the file size does not exceed 250 KB. The thumbnails have a resolution of 160 x 160 pixels.

It is necessary to include a CTA when designing a Snapchat ad, such as: book now, order now, more, buy tickets, etc. I.t may ask you to add the URL of your website or application. It is best to enable the auto-fill feature, which allows the advertiser to collect data about potential customers who are interested in the brand through the application.

The eighth step: review, publish and improve

Once you have finished designing your Snapchat ad, you will be directed to the Review and Publish section to validate the data and information you entered in the previous steps. You may need to make certain adjustments or improvements, such as changing your call-to-action.

In this step, you should write the business address and postal code, then choose the payment method, whether credit card or PayPal, and after entering the required data, click Publish Campaign.

But it doesn’t stop there, you should keep track of your ad’s performance through key performance indicators and platform-provided metrics such as audience reach, views, total profile clicks, swipe-ups and app install rate , etc. This aims to take the right decisions and actions that will improve advertising campaigns and increase the return on investment.

But if you do not have sufficient knowledge about the basics of e-marketing on this social platform, and you do not have time to launch and manage your marketing campaigns yourself, it is better to use the marketing services on Snapchat provided by the Fiverr platform, the largest Arab market for buying and selling microservices. It is provided by the best experts and professionals who possess the necessary skill and experience in designing, managing and optimizing Snapchat ads; To enhance your presence and increase your profits.

Snapchat ad cost

There is no fixed price for launching advertising campaigns on Snapchat, as the cost of advertising varies based on several factors, the most important of which are:

  • Marketing goals: Your brand’s general marketing goals should be determined to determine the cost of a Snapchat ad. Do you want to reach more potential customers and gain new customers, or are you looking to boost your sales during the current year, or are you looking to increase the installation of your online application?
  • Pricing system: You need to select the appropriate pricing system for your goals, such as: pay per impression CPM, pay per view CPV, app install CPI, cost per action CPA, etc.
  • Ad format and type: The platform offers multiple options of formats, such as story ads, group ads, and ad lenses, as the type of ad affects determining its cost, for example, video ads cost a higher budget than static image ads.
  • Bidding Strategies: Automatic bidding that allows Snapchat to decide how much you pay on your behalf, based on your daily budget. The maximum bid strategy, as well as the target cost that you set yourself.
  • Ad quality: Ad quality plays a big role in determining how much you pay for the platform, although Snapchat does not have precise and clear criteria for measuring ad quality. However, if its quality is low, you will pay a higher cost.
  • Ad duration: It is necessary to determine the daily cost of advertising, and calculate the total budget that you spend until the ad duration on Snapchat ends.
  • In all cases, there is a minimum spending on Snapchat ads of $5 per day, but it is best not to spend less than $20 per day; To increase its effectiveness with the target audience after it completes the exploration phase that allows the application to know which customers are likely to take an actual action with your ad.

Best practices for designing unique Snapchat ads

Snapchat e-marketing professionals follow many practices that drive their advertising campaigns to success, including:

1. Choose the right ad type for your target

Snapchat provides various forms of ads that help advertisers achieve their marketing goals. But it is important to choose the right type and suitable for the marketing objective. For example, if you want to increase your brand’s popularity, the most appropriate option is to use story ads and augmented reality lens experiences. If you’re looking to grow sales, it’s best to rely on story and group ads, or a single video ad.

2. Add sound in your ads

Marketing experts recommend adding sound in the design of Snapchat ads. Most of the ads on the app contain appropriate audio, because it is an effective strategy to increase the audience’s persuasion and urge them to try the product. Don’t forget to include the opinions of existing customers about your product or company when designing your ads.

3. Monetize Snapchat features

When designing Snapchat ads, it’s a good idea to make the most of the features that the platform offers like filters and drawing. And make the content of your ads appear natural and harmonious with the users of the application, and concise so that the duration of the advertisement does not exceed 6 seconds, as this contributes to increasing its popularity and achieving its goals effectively.

4. Don’t forget the call to action

If you’re looking to design professional Snapchat ads for better results, you should include a call-to-action whether your goal is to drive traffic to your website, increase sales, or more app installs. So, make your marketing message easy to understand and resonate with your potential customers and get them to take action.

5. Test your Snapchat ad creative

Snapchat allows A/B tests to measure the feasibility of ad design, which gives you the ability to choose the design that will resonate widely with the audience. It is best to try a combination of designs and ad formats, to launch a unique marketing campaign for your brand.

Finally, designing and managing Snapchat ads is not an easy process as some might think, but it is worth the effort and effort due to its superior ability to influence potential customers and boost sales and revenue, especially if you follow the best practices followed in the Snapchat e-marketing strategy.

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